Saturday, March 04, 2006

Seeing Anime - Traveller

For the unacquainted, the title of this post indirectly refers to the anime, Kino's Journey. In it, the protaganist, Kino (aptly named), travels from one country to the next, learning about their various cultures and customs. In the end, the series does not focus on plot, but rather on the insights one gains from viewing the way that a particular country lives. Anime has a lot to offer - getting past the series dominated by busty women, or those muddled with lackluster plot and meaningless violence, you can find series that truly speak to your mind as well as your heart. Part of the appeal of anime lies not only in how it makes us feel, but also how it makes us think. That is what I want to impart in this blog, what thoughts come to mind as I watch anime, and what impact that has.


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